Tuesday, September 24, 2013

ELF *Limited Edition* Disney Villains Look Book 2013

Last year ELF came out with the Disney Villains Makeup Book...they sold fast. I am talking within days fast. I literally called every Walgreens within a 20 mile radius of my home town and they all said they sold out the first week. Shame on me for waiting so long. Anyways as SOON as I heard they released them again this year I was ON IT!

ELF once again released the Villain Look Books this year just in time for Halloween. Only this year they included a lip color in place of last years lashes. I absolutely LOVE these palettes. I am a huge HUGE Disney fanatic...but sadly I did not purchase these for myself. They are all for friends...

You can find these palettes exclusively at Walgreen Drugstores for $9.99. Or if you wait long enough...eBay...at a ridiculous price I am sure. So don't wait too long.

In this collection are several other Villainous products you may be interested in. I did not purchase them...but keep your eyes open for them. They range from$7.99-$9.99
*Lashes in a set of 3
*Cosmetic Bags
*Nail Art Kits
*Nail Polish Cube

I did not swatch any of the palettes below, again because they are not for myself. I did want to give you guys a heads up about them.

I have a special surprise for you...
Maria and I have decided to give back to our lovely readers.
 So you have the chance to win ONE of these limited edition palettes.
All you have to do is enter below and will will pick a random winner from the Rafflecopter widget.
*we will be checking to see if all are compliant with the guidelines. No cheating please*
At this time this giveaway is for US only. I do apologize if that leaves anyone out.
We will make it up to those contestants in a later giveaway.
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  1. Replies
    1. I also have a giveaway on YouTube!
      Here's the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UsCxhP-OMZg
      I'm giving away the Maleficent and the Ursula look book! Plus some other fall goodies :)

  2. My favorite villain would have to be The Evil Queen!

  3. I have to say the Evil Queen -- I think I like her since I watched Snow White and the Huntsman-- Charlize Theron was gorgeous, flawless -- don't care for Kristen S she's not an actress, just good for Twilight lol

  4. Definitely Ursula! Malificent is awesome though too. And cruella. So hard to choose!

  5. Evil Queen and Cruella look awesome!

  6. I'd love to win this for my friend whose last name is DeVille! :)

  7. Maleficent is magical and marvelous! *hearts* :D Ursula is an underwater diva! I'll be going to Walgreen's soon to peek at these!

  8. Close call between the Evil Queen and Ursula! I love all the villains so it's hard to chose just one.

  9. I wanbt them all. Not waiting and if I have to get on ebay then I will. Because they are already sold out in the stoires that have hit, especially the lashes and look book. Ursual is nice to see!!!

  10. So hard to choose, but Cruella is really a villain that we can all love to hate.

  11. the Evil Queen is my favorite (possibly because Snow White is my favorite Disney princess), but Ursala's colors look beautiful!

  12. Maleficent has always been my favorite -- she's such a fierce femme bitch. I love it. But I also really love Ursula -- high camp glamour!

  13. I love the evil queen! Snow white is my favorite!

  14. My favorite villain is definitely the evil queen (:


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